24 Inch long piece of 1/4 inch Wide ribbon or for a more
Rustic look hemp rope or Cording*

Sealing wax, wax crayon(all Paper removed) or colored Paraffin

Clean metal can (soup, Coffee, etc.)

Small saucepan

Masking tape

*Test the ribbon to make sure it will take the wax without resisting.

The model for this packaging comes from the expensive vinegars and oils found in gourmet shops. The effect is stunningly simple and at the same time speaks of sophistication. To break the seal, pull the cored upwards.

Directions: Melt the sealing wax, crayons or parrafin in the metal can set in the saucepan, half filled with water, over low heat. Do not let the paraffin smoke. Take the ribbon and tie a knot around the neck of the bottle making sure the two ends hang down the front of the bottle in approximately
equal lengths.

Place 1 end of the ribbon over the other and lift over the cork. Hold them in place with masking tape. Dip the filled bottle into the softened wax so that it covers the rim and about 1/4 inch of the neck of the bottle.

Let the wax dry. You may need to dip the bottle again to cover any spots missed the first time. Remove the masking tape.

Attach an
appropriate label by punching a hole in one corner of a label and slipping the ribbon through the hole. To open the bottle pull Up firmly on the ribbon, breaking the wax seal.

LABELS: It's important to label every gift of food saying what it is and date when ready. Whenever necessary, give information on storing, shelf life, appropriate accompaniment or serving suggestion.

You may include your own special recipes or history. Cut and decorate your own labels, taking your cue from the contents..if you can't draw, cut pictures
from magazines, old greeting cards or old fashioned gift tags. May use gold or read seals, luggage tags or metal rimmed tags.

Very your lettering by using gold or silver metalic pens, calligraphy pens, chisel-tip magic markers or outliner pens. If you handwriting is illegible, use rubber stamps or prestype letters (available at art supply stores in the graphic art section