1. If your always searching for a pen,stock one in every pocketbook,
and put one in your checkbook.

2. Store buttons in clear pill dispensers so you can easily spot the
one your looking for.

3. Schedule your next haircut before you leave the salon.

4. Keep scissors in every room-that way, you won't waste time trying
to find them if you have to open a package, cut a tag, or quickly
wrap a gift.

5. Buy stamps, print labels, and arrange package pickups at usps.com

6. When you find a useful number in the phone book, highlight it so
it'll pop out the next time.

7. Skip the photo store, Order prints from an online service such
as snapfish.com, the top scorer in GH Institute tests.

8. Reserve books online instead of driving over to the library to do
it in person. ( You can renew books online too.)

9. Stash lint rollers in lots of places ( the laundry room, closets,
your car's glove compartments) so you will be able to zap fuzz and
pet hair in seconds.

10. Keep note cards, envelopes, and stamps in a zip-top plastic bag
in you purse so you can dash off a thank-you note while you are
standing in line or waiting in the school parking lot.

11. Store your receipts in a designated pocket of your purse or
wallet. You will have the one you need at your fingertips if you
decide to make a return.

12. Use a Web grocer like Peapod. Once you set up an account and a
shopping list of the items you buy often, placing an ordertakes only

13. Before you leave home for a scheduled flight, print out your

boarding passes from your airlines web site.

14. Avoid movie lines. Buy tickets ahead of time from a service
such as Fandango or Moviefone. ( you can also go to the movie
theater's website and buy your tickets that way)

15. Do all your banking online

16. Wear a cordless headset when you are on the phone so you can

17. During TV commercials, don't just nosh, pay bills (that is, if
you don't already pay them online).

18. Store your ATM card in a brightly colored case so it'll be easy
to spot in your tote bag.