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    Default Apple Butter & Caramel Apple Butter

    Slow Cooked Apple Butter
    10 to 12 large cooking apples (14 cups), chopped into bit sized pieces

    2 cups apple juice or apple cider

    3 cups white sugar

    1 ? teaspoons ground cinnamon

    ? teaspoon ground cloves


    Core and chop unpeeled apples.
    Combine with apple juice or cider in slow cooker.
    Add sugar.
    Cover; cook on low for 10 hours or on high for 4 hours.
    Put apples into blender or food processor; blend on high speed until smooth.
    Return apples to slow cooker.
    Spice it up...add spices.
    Cook on low for 1 hour or until mixture reaches desired consistency.
    Apple Butter Variations and Flavors:
    For very thick apple butter, remove lid while cooking.

    Add a dash of ginger and 15 unwrapped candy caramel squares before the second hour long cooking.

    Make a more natural caramel apple butter by cooking, in a sauce pan, the sugar and apple juice until the sugar carmelizes (light golden brown). Then add other ingredients and pop everything into the slow cooker.

    Storage of Apple Butter:
    While the mixture is still hot, ladle the cooked apple butter into 6 sterilized half-pint jars, leaving ?-inch head space.
    Adjust lids.
    Process in boiling water canner for 10 minutes.
    Stores well in a cool dark cupboard for 6 months.
    Apple Butter History
    Traditionally, apple butter was made in the oven, under low heat, back in the days when a small fire was kept going all day in the country kitchen, and more recently when hydro electricity was much cheaper.

    In this day and age I'm loathe to leave my oven on any longer than absolutely required, which is one of the reasons I love this Apple butter recipe in particular! It's made in your slow cooker or crock pot.

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    Default Re: Apple Butter & Caramel Apple Butter

    cant wait to try this...will be trying it this weekend!



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