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Trade Nations™
Z2Live, Inc
Genre: Games
Release Date: May 10, 2012

Become Mayor of your very own Nation, as you grow a small village into a sprawling and efficient city in Trade Nations!

Trade Nations Features Include:

- 80 Levels of content and over 100 unique Achievements to earn as you build your Nation!
- Develop Housing to grow your Nation's population!
- Harvest raw materials and refine them to create goods and amass a fortune!
- Fuel your economy by establishing Shops, which use harvested resources to create items, goods, and wares in return for Gold!
- Beautify and customize your Nation from an extensive collection of Decorations!
- Connect with friends and establish trading relationships that yield profits!
- Take part in an active Global Market where prices are driven by supply and demand!
- Expand and experience new lands, as you develop the Frontier!
- Enjoy colorful and stimulating graphics and animations!
- Easy to play and enjoyable for Mayors of all ages!

NOTE: An Internet connection is required to play Trade Nations!


IT'S HERE: Trade Nations 5.0! This is the biggest update yet, with exciting new features, content, decorations, and improvements that deliver a fresh new take on the Trade Nations experience you've come to know and love!

FAME - Introducing the biggest new feature so far, the Fame System! With social and competitive mechanics, players are now able to earn Fame by throwing and attending parties with friends (and friends of friends) AND by competing on both Friend and Global Leaderboards! GET FAMOUS and gain access to exclusive prizes, content, and decorations!

NEW, FAME CONTENT - Put your party pants on and get ready to get down with the Fame System's new venues and parties. New hot spots include the Saloon, Dance Hall, Gallery, Opera House, and more.

TRADES - Players are able to initiate one trade per land rather than one trade per account. Now trade with both Classic and Frontier lands simultaneously!

LAND EXPAND - Get excited for more available space, as this update delivers TWO land expands each for Classic and Frontier!

GRAPHICS - Get ready to see your villagers and haulers like never before... in HD! Mutton chops have never looked so good.

SOUND - Many shops have new and improved sound effects!

All Shops now have the ability to grant players Tokens, for use with the Fame System!

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