I was cruising various message boards on living frugaly, and came
across this: to stretch your butter, simply take some of it out to
soften, put it in your mixer, and add an equal part of canola oil, mix
very well (i totally melted the butter) then toss it in a margarine
tub. i tried this today, and it really works! personally, i'm afraid
of margarine (ate it most of my life) because i've read on some nasty
stuff that (may) be in it (the "bad for you" kinds of fats and such).
and i (unfortunatly) like to use butter on most things. i also had
the remenants of a tub of margerine sitting around (it had been our
last) so i found this really useful! i only saw it on the one
message board, so i thought i'd pass this along to y'all!!!


From: "katie and elliot"
Date: Wed Jan 4, 2006 6:11 pm
Subject: stretching butter