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    Default Menu Planning and Budgeting...

    Do you try and plan each meal to be less than a specific dollar amount per person/meal, etc.? Or do you plan for a set number of meals per week/month for a specific price?

    Currently I have budgeted for dinners 5 nights a week for 3 sometimes 4 adults (husband and myself and 90% of the time my parents) and 2 kids under age 5 for $80.00/week. I try and keep in mind for our budget that each meal must cost less than $20.00 for all of us in order for us to save money. I'm sure there's places where I can trim and cut our budget even further but I don't know where to begin.

    Any suggestions would be great!

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    Wow that's a tall order! Way to stretch your dollar! my only advice would be witner is here so hot soups are usually cheap and great this time of year! I recomed, if you don't already shop there, you check out Aldi grocery store. You can do a search on the web, and that will tell you if and where there is one close to you. They have great quality at DEEP disounts everyday, usually cheaper than, kroger, or meijer on sale. :moneymoney:

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