Hints, Tips and Serving Suggestions for brownies

Umm, warm, freshly baked brownies, a wondrous American invention.
Just about everyone knows that smell. The most important ingredient
in brownies is chocolate. That's the wonderful, life-fulfilling, do
just about anything for, smell.

Brownies are a cross between a
cookie and a cake. Classified as a bar cookie, they usually come in
one of two textures: fudge or cake. The "fudgy" type of brownie is
very moist and dense.

The cake brownie is light and airy.

Hints and Tips:
They keep well in an airtight container.
Don't refrigerate. It will dry-out brownies.
They'll keep for 4 to 6 months in the freezer.
Only use glass or shiny metal pans. Dark or non-stick pans will
cause brownies to be soggy and low in volume.
Line pan with aluminum foil.

This saves on cleanup.
Only grease bottom of pan to allow for rising.
Allow brownies to cool in pan before cutting.
Cut cooled brownies with plastic or table knife to insure smooth-
sided bars.
Always use toasted nuts. This enhance the flavor of the nuts.

Serving Suggestions:

Brownie Hearts
Lightly drizzle chocolate syrup and raspberry sauce on a dessert
plate. Cut brownies with a heart shaped cookie cutter and place the
heart in the center of the plate. Top the heart with piped whipped

Brownie Sandwich
Depending on depth of brownie, either use two or one brownie sliced
horizontally. Soften your favorite flavor of ice cream. Spoon ice
cream onto brownie, spreading evenly.

Top with brownie. Wrap in

plastic wrap and place on cookie sheet. Freeze until ice cream is

Super Brownie Sunday
Place one brownie square in a wide bowl. Top with one scoop of ice
cream (vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate, coffee, etc.). Drizzle
with hot fudge sauce and sprinkle with Spanish peanuts.

Layer brownie cubes with prepared pudding, whipped cream, and
berries in a trifle bowl.

Cut a nice square and serve it either with a glass of iced cold milk
or hot steaming gourmet coffee. Why could be better?