Make Your Own Shrinky Dinks
Recycle styrofoam trays while enjoying this old fashion craft.
? Belinda Mooney
Remember the days of Shrinky Dinks? Kids can color and make their own miniature works of art by recycling styrofoam trays.
Remember the days of Shrinky Dinks? Now your cans can make them too and you can recycle those styrofoam trays!

Styrofoam Tray Shrinks

What you need :

Styrofoam tray or

clear plastic bakery container

brown paper bag

What you do :

1. You will need to work in a well ventilated room when you do this craft - you may want to open the windows or do this outdoors.

2.Draw and cut out shapes from meat Styrofoam trays that are clean or from clear plastic bakery containers.

3.Cut the brown bag into squares to fit into a toaster oven. Place on piece of brown paper bag and put into toaster oven.

4.Cook at 300 degree F for a few seconds. (You may need to adjust the time or temperature.

5.You can also do this in a regular oven. Experiment with what works best with your oven. Start at a low temperature, around 200*.

You can watch the shapes curl, distort and eventually flatten (& stop their transformation) through the window. Then take them out.