I have been using a site called http://www.thecouponclippers.com for a year. I want everyone to know what a great site it is.

I just go on and pick out the coupons I want and pay a handling fee for each coupon. I can pay by credit card/debit card or paypal. The coupons are then sent to me via USPS. It has never taken more than a week. I normally buy $8-10 dollars worth a week.

DOWNSIDE: Some coupons have a min. purchase of 5(I just end up buying in bulk...till there is no place to put it), there is a handling fee of .50cents per order(normally made up by giving you a free coupon of one you selected), I normally find the coupon I reeeeaaaallly wanted just sold out...i.e. Totino's pizza rolls...$.75 per 15 count box...only makes them about .35cents per box.

Having used this site for a year I would stand behind it 100%. The ladies that run it are wonderful. I have never had a single problem. There are over a million coupons, about 15000 different coupons to buy, and there are new ones everyday. The ladies go out and find them. They get them from newspapers, and even from grocery stores. If any of you have any questions I would be more than willing to help ...email me at


Good luck. I always save around $35-80 dollars. If you can triple you will do better than me.