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    Default budgeting for a family of 12

    Hi ,I'm new here although I was finally able to get my grocery bill down to $250 this past month(would have been $200 if not for the dry cereal we splurged on), I am in need of some recipes that would cost $3.00 or lower for our family. There are 10 children ages 5 weeks to 20 yrs old, dh and myself. Unlike many of you lucky shoppers, where we are located, there are hardly any bargains to be found, so we do the best that we can.Would any of you creative members have any ideas to share?

    Thanks a bunch

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    Default Feedin a tribe of people

    I only had 5 kids, but soup is #1. Work the crockpot. Save any dribs and drabs that are left over (I don't care if its a Tablespoon of corn toss into a freezer bag of veggies) for your soups.

    A pressure cooker is fantastic for making split pea soup .. Today's pressure cookers say you can't do it. I put extra water in so it doesn't get super thick and plug the vent, then cook it down once its done.

    I save the ends from brocolli, cut and slice before freezing. Once I have a small bags worth I cook up potatoes and broc in boiling water, when potatoes are soft I run through the food mill, add milk (I use coffee creamer since we have milk allergies in the house), add a bit of onion, garlic, red pepper. I hate brocolli, but like this.

    It will have a light green colour but is not weird looking. Its also pretty with shaved carrots etc on top

    Ask local deli if they have the deli ends and how much. Sometimes you can get the ends really cheap. Ham ends work fantastic in soups.

    Cook ethnic, most ethnic cooking does not use a lot of meat. My nationality is mixed both Indian as in India and First People, and more. Luckily my kids like Indian foods (it takes a while to work my husband up to a decent amount of cumin).

    I used to make real pizza (yeast and the whole bit) I tried making some flat bread (no yeast) on the grill and they loved it, even more than the pizza dough that was all that work. Even dh. Could have saved myself a lot of work over the years.

    Tortillas or flat bread makes great Mexican Pizzas. I can't convince my dh that refried beans and hummus are similar LOL. This last batch of hummus I used cranberry beans, red pepper paste, garlic, onions etc (*I did toss in some carrots into the blender - my 19 yr old spotted them - I didn't chop them enough he still ate it though) ..

    This spread on flat bread or tortillas, topped with veggies (including canned corn), salsa (make your own), drained diced tomatoes (if someone doesn't want salsa), olives can be pulled from can and sliced thin (excess goes into plastic container & then the fridge) and a bit of cheese

    I used to bake bread every other day (3 loaves one day, 5 the next) have no idea what happened to the recipe. Am down to one kid, its weird but my grocery bill is almost the same as before dollar wise, and in many ways I have less money as all the other bills have gone up.




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