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    Default Homemade Customized Gift Ideas

    Customized Gift Ideas
    by Jennifer Good

    When you want to give your partner something original give them something you can customize! Below are a few ideas!

    Personalized calendar
    Select 12 images of yourself or each other to use for the months.

    Personalized cologne or perfume
    You can create personalized perfume at places such as Garden Botanika. Or you can find a scent based on your partner's interests. Some ideas include : their astrological sign, dolphins, peaches and more.

    Customized Stationary
    A perfect gift for long distance lovers, customized stationary will remind you to write and help keep your lover on your mind! To create stationary, use a word processing program with a letterhead template.

    Love Tape/CD
    Let your love know exactly how you feel by creating a romantic tape/CD containing passionate songs that tell the story of your love for each other.

    Custom Fortune Cookies
    Make your own fortune cookies with your own customized fortunes!

    Personalized Romance Novel
    Show your partner they are the man or woman of your dreams with a personalized romance novel. In many cases you choose the major settings, events, names and descriptions of the characters.

    Engraved Jewelry
    You don't have to say, "I do." to give jewelry! Get your love a ring or chain and have a loving inscription engraved on it.

    Monogrammed Robe
    Remind your partner of your warm hugs with a monogrammed robe.

    Autographed Items
    If your partner is a big fan of a group or particular person, try and find them an autographed collectible!

    Personalized T-shirts
    A fun way to act as a couple is by wearing a pair of customized T-shirts!

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    Default Re: Homemade Customized Gift Ideas

    yeah very nice ideas for home made custom gifts. It gives personalized gesture.



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