creative approach to receiving coupons from foods you really like !

Say goodbye to your scissors and hello to your pen. It is no longer necessary to clip coupons from your sunday fliers to save money on your grocery bill. All it takes is a pen and paper.

Many people don't know that you can receive coupons simply by sitting down to write to your favorite food product companies. And if you prefer to type, why not e-mail the companies. There are many food product websites on the internet, for example try : http://www.mcdonald and http://www.birdseye .com

Here are a few steps to take when you site down to write your letter:

* Tell the company anything you can think of that you like about their product.

* Be sure to mention one thing you dislike about their product.

* ALWAYS request coupons and thank them for the time it took them to read the letter at the end.

In short, it is easy to receive great product coupons from products you already buy. Now you can throw your scissors in the trash or give them to your daughter so she can cut paper dolls with them.