Party Tips to Make a Child "Star for the Day"
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A party can take your child into a world of fun and fantasy where the birthday boy or girl is the star for one memorable day. With just a little thought and planning, a themed party can be as easy for adults as it is exciting for children.

Selecting a Theme
Choose a theme that fits the child's age, interests and personality ? sports, clowns, teddy bears or popular licensed characters such as Barbie, Disney Princess, Star Wars, Blue's Clues, Harry Potter, Batman, Thomas the Train or Power Rangers
Let the birthday boy or girl help select the party theme ? the child is the best judge of what his or her friends will like
Decorating Ideas
Exaggerating the theme can intensify the atmosphere ? everything should accent it. Transform an entire room!

Cluster huge bunches of balloons and drape ceilings and walls with streamers that pick up the theme colors or feature theme icons.
Pick refreshments that reflect the theme
Select patterns for centerpieces, wall decorations, party hats, treat sacks, confetti, streamers, blow-outs, table covers, mobiles, etc. that match the invitations and thank-you notes. Party collections for young children even offer birthday bibs. Some patterns offer activities, favors, masks, party cameras and memory books.
Whether for home, park or other special area, it's easy to get everything to complete the theme and take it along. Most items are disposable or take-alongs, so clean-up is easy.
Simple Tips to Make Party Time Fun for Everyone:
A surprise guest can be fun and entertaining. An older relative or high school student might come as a clown, a sports figure, a safari guide, a princess, an umpire, a Power Ranger, Barbie, etc. to lead games, help with refreshments and hand out treats.
Stick with one theme

Keep refreshments simple, but give them fancy names. For example, a baseball theme lends itself to "home-run hot-dogs" and "pop-fly popcorn," where a magic theme calls for "celestial cupcakes with star dust sparkles" and "magic pink lemonade."
Use place cards for young children to avoid disputes over who sits where. They enhance the theme and they are a memento to take home.
Have an activity for children to do while waiting for others to arrive (decorate treat bags, make place cards, or have photos taken, for example)
Pick a time least likely to conflict with family and school schedules and activities
Keep games simple. Wrap prizes in themed gift wrap
Give your child the gift of tradition by singing "Happy Birthday," making a wish when candles are blown out and displaying birthday cards.
Take photos or videotape the party. Snapshots inserted into card photo holders make great gift thank-you notes and help teach your child good communication habits.
A simple, colorful drawing of a character on corrugate or foam-core can be created and a circle cut out for a face. Let children stand behind and poke their faces through as they arrive at the party. Take a Polaroid photo that can be put in a photo-holder card and given as a party favor or used to designate seating.