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Dolphin Play with Friends™
Recharge Studios
Genre: Games
Release Date: December 02, 2011

Welcome to Dolphin Play with Friends, your customizable world under the sea where you can care for and play with dolphins, fish, and your friend’s creatures!

- Choose from tons of creatures including 9 species of dolphins!
- Raise and play with creatures to advance through over 80 levels!
- Complete missions to earn XP and level up!
- View and interact with your friends tanks including cleaning, feeding, and training dolphins!
- Sell adult creatures to increase your Expertise level to earn even more XP and currency!
- Cross breed select fish to unlock new species!
- Compare your scores to the leaderboard to see where you stack up with the best Dolphin Players!

- Collect your daily bonus to earn Coins and Shells!
- Timely notifications can keep your creatures healthy and maximize your earnings!

You must have internet access to play.

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