I mix and match the meat and veggies on this to get different flavor combinations. But most can be made for under $2.50 for 2 to 4 people depending on how hearty the eaters are. It is also low fat and can be low sodium.

I use a nonstick skillet and lightly grease or spray it. I cut up an entire onion in thin wedges(not chopped or sliced) and stir fry that until it starts to become translucent(?). Then I add a cup of shrimp, a small can of mushrooms(drained, or fresh if you have them), and a can of green beans(drained). Season to taste. I like seafood seasoning with the shrimp. I use some Durkee's KC spice with chicken to make it spicey.

I'm usually able to find an onion for .25 or less.

The shrimp is from Wal-Mart. 3 cups frozen baby shrimp is less than $2.
A couple cans of veggies should be less than .75.