I got this from another group thought someone might like it.
1 jar (8 oz) petroleum jelly,
2 bottles (15 oz) baby lotion
2 jars (8 oz) of Vitamin E skin cream

Put all ingredients in a large bowl. I use a stainless steel
mixing bowl. Use a wire whisk and whip the ingredients well.
Using a spoon and spatula put into small jars. I found
inexpensive pvc jars (2 oz) at Wal-Mart and K-Mart in the travel
section near cosmetics and drugs. The little jars are clear
with different colored screw on caps. I also used washed out
pimento jars (4 oz) before I found the decorative jars. Makes
about 18 to 25 jars of cream. It depends on how full the jars

Once I started using this cream my feet are as soft as a baby's.
All the calluses are gone that were on my elbows and feet. It
really holds in the moisture and it smells wonderful. It is
also a lovely shade of pink.