I am on several money saving sites so this may be a repeat for some
but I thought is may help someone to cover the costs of medications
both prescription and non-prescription as well.

First let me say I am truly blessed to have a decent prescription
rider on my health insurance, I pay $7 for generic and $15 for non
generic medications. But since my husband is a transplant recipient
he takes a lot of medications and between his and my couple we were
spending about $233 a month on co-pays alone.

The hospital I work for began to offer a discount on our prescription
co-pays of just $4 or $12 and a substantial discount on OTC
medications as well. My cost was reduced to around $120 a month for
the exact same medications.

I also found out that the hospital makes a great offer to those who
volunteer their as well. They get a discount off co-pays or if they
do not have coverage pay just $1.00 over costs on prescriptions and
non-prescriptions as well. In order for the volunteers to get this

deal they only have to be at the hospital 6-8 hours a MONTH.

I checked into several other hospitals in the area and the majority
of them offer employees and volunteers a similar opportunity.

If medications are putting a hurt to your budget, try looking into
volunteering at your local hospital. Kim in MI