1 ghost mug
7 pieces of foil wrapped halloween chocolates (3 pumpkin, 2 ghost, 2
1 chunk of floral foam
12 long wooden skewers, clipped to various lengths
12 squares of purple mylar, cut in approx 3.5 X 3.5 inches
scotch tape
hot glue


place some hot glue on the bottom of the foam and place in the mug

insert pointed end of skewers in the bottom of the foil wraped

place a dab of hot glue on the foil where the skewer enters to keep
chocolates from moving

poke a hole in the center of each piece of purple mylar

insert bottom of one candy skewer into mylar hole. Fold mylar up
towards candy, and grab the area where it enters the stick. While
holding this area, twist the upper part of the mylar to form
a "flower". Slide "flower" up towards the candy. Wind a piece of
scotch tape around the base of the mylar where it meets the stick.

Repeat with the other 6 pieces of candy.

Insert candy picks into the foam, varying heights to achieve a
pleasing arrangement.

Clip several of the picks into short pieces (or you can use the
pieces that you cut off the candy picks). Attach the remaining
pieces of mylar in the same manner as above, and insert them into the
foam to fill in the empty areas.

Completed bouquet can be wraped in cello, if desired.