Cat-Food Can Pies

Using thoroughly cleaned cat food, or tuna fish cans allows everyone
to have his/her own dessert.

1 box yellow cake mix (dry)
butter or margarine
can of pie filling

Spoon pie filling into cans about 3/4 of the way full.
Spoon dry cake mix on top (more if you like crunchy cobbler, less if
thinly slice butter and put it on top of cake mix

Bake in a box oven ( cardboard box covered on the inside with foil,
complete with removable lid piece... Make sure to cover the ground
with foil too! Place inside 4 soda cans to hold up a cookie rack...
Under the cookie rack goes the charcoal and on top the pies...) for
20 min (or until top is golden) with 18 hot coals (each coal is 20*)