This is a good project for the hot muggy days .. I started doing this
with the kids when they were little .. WARNING: brown crayons will
look like chocolate if you have a kid out of control with eating don't
make brown (*gee guess how I know this <g>)

BTW these are great for handing out at Halloween, Easter etc .. the
multi-coloured crayons work well well kids who are very visual

Collect all the broken, yucky crayons .. kid job
you'll need 1/2 dozen clean veggie cans .. kids should be able to wash
them, * you may have to do the spout - bend them a little on top so
you have a pour spout - these will be your crayon cooking pots ..

more kid jobs - getting supplies:
get a few gallon bags for storage of your "crayon cooking pots" later
(*this can be done often if pots are all dusty or lost its just more
work for you - ),
newspaper for piling crayons on,
garbage can,
vac ..
another pot to put each can into (double boiler style) ..
some kind of grabber for the cans (*I have great grabbers from old
camping sets, you will have to experiment with what you have) ..
something to help peel the wrappers if their nails are not enough, or
if the texture bothers them try plastic fork using the tines,
strawberry hullers etc ..
candy molds or blister packs from various products ..
cookie sheet with newspaper (*this is what you have the molds on, pour
into molds the overflow/accidents end up on paper

YOU get to take a razor and slice one slice down the side of crayons
.. I found doing this at night when they were asleep was best (*till
they were used to working around sharps, Matt had been sliced up by
bio-mom so he was not secure being around sharps in the beginning)

have them separate the crayons by colour first (*on newspaper) .. a
yellow pile, red etc .. if you have more than one kid this can be a
good way to interact between them .. have each one do their fav colour
first (*TIP: if kids are really territorial - DO NOT let them toss
green into another persons pile teach them to hand it to them instead)
.. if they can focus on multiple colours and sorting great .. if not
do the individual piles of colours - ie only pull out green, then blue
etc etc

they gets to peel (* this is another fine motor if he has no nails try
various instruments, plastic fork using the tines, strawberry huller -
my fav, etc)

if dirty toss in sink and wash real quick - this is something they can

do .. crayons can dry on newspaper

after peeling he tosses into the cans like to like (*must be dry) ..

start a pot of boiling water, get your grabbers, maybe a hot pad ready
.. gently put the can of crayons in water it will start to melt on
sides .. if you are doing multi-colour or specility crayons that have
certain areas certain colours I use the first melts (*arthritis, my
hands are in better shape for it) ...

once melted pour into molds, let cool (*another reason for cookie
sheets you can move them out of your way) .. once cool they 'pop' out

bag them up for presents etc .. I have used the baby bottle bags and
seal a meal you can usually get 2 bags of crayons from each bag .. or
you can seal a meal reg sandwich bags, I divide in have with seal a
meal then fill each half and seal

Mon Aug 7, 2006