1 lb Bread mix
1 gallon Oven bag
Bake Packer (aluminum grid for bottom of pot)
Cooking instructions:
Place the bread mix in the bag, add water per directions (and yeast as required) and mix by kneading the bag. Place bag into pot, cover and set in the sun for an hour or two. After bread has risen (in cold conditions it won't rise much!) gently remove the bag, place the bake packer in the bottom of the pot and add enough water to the pot to cover the grid.

Place the bag of bread back into the pot and put on lid. Put the pot over direct flame and cook. On a Sierra Stove we have learned to cook the bread for about 25 minutes, over a gas stove this can be reduced to 20.

When the time has elapsed, do not remove the lid. this is difficult since the smell of fresh bread will tempt you to take a peek, don't. let set for about 20 more minutes.

Remove lid, remove plastic bag from pot, slit open bag and peel from bread. Slice the bread on the lid of the pot, makes a great addition to fish stew or most any meal. Use the hot water for clean up.