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Rule the Sky™

Genre: Games
Release Date: July 04, 2011

Rule the Sky™, a Social Networking Game (SNG), where you can care and rule your own floating island in the sky called 'Flotia' with your friends.

Rule the Sky™ is the Brand new version of Rule the Sky! More Rich contents with new quests and now you can communicate easier with your friends in NEST


- Raining in your region? Then you will also see rain effect in your Flotia as well!

- Floating island in the sky: Unique concept of a floating island, no more square blocks.

- Contemplative game play through building and controlling your own floating island

- Co-op game play through social interaction!


- Including roads and fences, new decorations and more than 130 new buildings to make your Flotia more fantastic!

- Social network with your friends: Favoring for more rewards and Taking care of friends’ farms and/or fruit trees not to be rotten and to protect them from being stolen from other users. You can also protect them by using defense items

- Managing and expanding your own Flotia by farming, building, decorating and actively communicating with your friends.

- Make rain to fertilize your farm

- More going Global: Support 8 languages!!
English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, German and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)

- The 'little bits' of fun: Time (day and night) system based on Location based services, Unique concepts of NPC and their reactions, Raining through a cloud, and Castle & Territory upgrade system which provides extra EXP.


-Newly polished! Our own unique mobile social gaming platform to find your friends

-National information is now shown on Nest list! You can easily check the friends from the same nation

-Sending messages and posting to boards to increase your intimacy with your friends!(boards also support 8 languages)

- Connected to Facebook that you can post message to Facebook wall and find friends by searching Facebook

Remember, YOU RULE the sky! See you soon on your Flotia!

## NOTICE ##

PLEASE NOTES : Rule the Sky™ allow you to purchase in-game-items for real money.
Please disable in-app-purchase on your device if you don’t want this feature to be accessible.

Online Game: internet connection(3G+ or Wifi) is required
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