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Mini Cafe ™

Genre: Games
Release Date: June 22, 2011

Build and manage your own international restaurant with Mini Cafe! Choose from spectacular decorations and delectable new dishes to create your unique Cafe style. Keep your customers well-fed and happy by serving a variety of cuisines including Italian, Japanese, American, Mexican and French foods as well as manage customer experience including special celebrity guests!

Serve celebrities their favorite dishes and you will get their pictures on your Cafe Wall of Fame. Invite your Facebook friends to visit your Cafe and treat them like a celebrity to see their pictures on the Cafe Wall of Friends!

Design a restaurant that works best for you and build up the reputation of your Café to bring in more customers and unlock bigger and better items! The more ethnic dishes you serve to match your ethnic decor, the more coins you will earn!

New content will be released often so the game continually gets better

Additional Features
- Showcase your achievements or a picture of your Cafe on Facebook
- Invite your Facebook friends to dine at your Cafe
- Take advantage of our SiGN social network, so that you can easily find your friends in your phonebook, Facebook and Twitter.
- With a SiGN account you have the option to post your achievements to Facebook or Twitter, so go ahead and brag to your friends!

- Retina display support!
- For Users who would like to sync their iPad and iPhone Account, please register for SiGN. Once you have registered your inventory and progress will be saved on our servers. As long as you use the same SiGN login in both devices your account will be synced. **Warning, please don't run them at the same time, some information maybe lost or corrupted.
- FREE updates with new dishes, decorations, themes and more!
- It's FREE!
Download this awesome app now and become a Mini Cafe mogul today!

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