1. Deodorize food containers. Stuff a balled-up piece of newspaper into a
lunch box or thermos, seal it, and let sit overnight.
2. Ripen tomatoes. Wrap them individually and leave them out at room
3. Pack delicate items. Wrap frames and figurines with several pieces of
newspaper, then crumple the remaining sections to fill extra space in the box.
4. Wipe away tough streaks on glass. Use newspaper with cleaning fluid to
clean mirrors and windows.
5. Preserve antique glass. Some older frames have finishes on the glass that
can be damaged by cleaning solutions. Remove smudges by rubbing with
newspaper dipped in a solution of one part white vinegar and one part warm
Let air-dry.
6. Dry shoes. Place crumpled paper in them overnight.
7. Wrap gifts. Use the comics to wrap a child’s birthday gift, or try the
wedding announcements for an engagement gift.
8. Create a home for slushy snow boots. During the winter, keep a pile of
newspaper near the entryway. When your little snowmen and -women come home,
they can toss their winter wear onto the newspaper instead of creating puddles
on the floor.

9. Prepare a garden. In the fall, mow a patch of lawn to make room for a
dedicated bed. Cover it with four layers of newspaper, then a four-inch layer
shredded leaves or bark mulch. Hose it down. Come spring, the compost
blanket will have smothered the grass roots, and the bed will be primed for
10. Keep the refrigerator vegetable drawer dry and free of smells. Line the
bottom with newspaper.