Autumn Pork Chop Dinner

1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 (1-inch thick) pork loin chops
2 cups shredded cabbage
1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 medium potatoes -- peeled and sliced 1/4 inch thick
1 cup fresh or frozen green beans
1 to 1-1/2 teaspoons lemon-pepper seasoning
3/4 cup apple juice
1/4 cup seasoned bread crumbs
1 tablespoon butter -- melted
In a large skillet, brown pork chops in oil; remove and set aside.
Toss the cabbage with parsley and brown sugar; place in an 11-in.

x 7-in. baking dish.
Top with potatoes and beans. Arrange chops over vegetables.

Sprinkle with lemon-pepper. Pour apple juice over all.
Cover and bake at 350 F. for 45 minutes or until the pork chops and vegetables are tender.
Combine the bread crumbs and butter; sprinkle on top.

Return to the oven for 15 minutes.

Serves 2