Cinnamon Latte Recipe

These have become a Sunday morning favourite for us. Heavenly coffee to warm your tummy! The original recipe calls for ground cinnamon, but it also works very well if you put a couple whole cinnamon sticks or pieces of cinnamon bark in the cold milk. It will infuse the milk as it comes to a boil.

400 ml strong coffee
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 tablespoons sugar
1 1/4 liters 1% low-fat milk

In a large pan, mix the cinnamon and sugar with a bit of milk.

Add the rest of the milk and bring to a boil.
Just as the mixture comes to a boil, take it off the heat.
Split your hot coffee between 4 mugs.
Pour in the milk and serve immediately.
Another variation is to leave out the ground cinnamon, but instead put a large cinnamon stick, some cloves and green cardamom pods in the milk. Leave as it comes to a boil, set aside and let it infuse for a couple minutes. Then strain out the seasonings and pour into the coffee.