If you use the entire chicken to your advantage you can get 3 meals from it.

Meal #1-Fill your crockpot with diced potatoes and carrots topped with a large whole chicken. Fill up with a bit of water (but not completely full because chicken will make some of its on juices.) Finally add any of your own personal seasoning and turn crock on. (I like to add a pack of dry onion soup.)

Meal #2-Lay a few tortillas on a baking sheet, put a little left over chicken pieces in it, some cheese, whatever other "extras" you like, fold over and broil on low until melty and warmed through. Make a couple of slice so you have 3 triangles and serve with a little salsa or sour cream.

Meal #3-Using your left over broth, vegetables, meat turn your crockpot back on and make yourself a nice back of chicken noodle soup by adding any more vegetables, homemade or storebought broth or water, or some egg noodles (homemade is even better) to complete your batch.

Good luck and happy eatting!!!