In our rinky dink house, up until now, our 7 year old boy and 10 year old daughter shared a room, because our 4 year old girl would keep them up at night if she shared with them.

Now, though, school is done this week, and we are moving the rooms around. Our 4 year old is old enough that she can start sharing a room, and have the whole summer to get used to it, so she's not keeping our older daughter awake.

So, I decided I want to decorate thier room when I move them. Currently, there's no theme or anything going on. Just toys and stuffed animals everywhere.

It started with a small garage sale find- 1+ yards of uncut black and magenta sheer stripped fabric. Perfect for curtains! Cost: $1

Next I found a round plush foot stool at Good Will, completly covered in black and white zebra stripes. Cost: $5

Then I found a brand new package of door beads at a garage sale, except they are sequins, not beads. All in magenta, teal, purple, and green. Cost: $1

I also found a hot pink small tub at a yard sale with purple swirls on it. Cost: $.10

Fabric at Wal-mart: I found a square of lime green fabric, about 45x26 inches, cost: $1.15, 1 square of lime green, teal, white, and pink striped fabric, about 45x18 inches, cost $.80, lime green, teal, blue, lavender, and white boxed fabric, 45x9 inches, cost $.40, and lavender microplush material (softer than fleece), 60x16 inches, cost $2.13.

So, all in all, I've only spend $11.58.

Here's my plans so far.

I plan to use the fabric to make pillows. All 4 match each other, and I want to keep looking for more remenents to do the same. I am going to make most (probably all) of the striped fabric into curtains for thier window.

It's a long skinny window, up higher on the house.

The door beads are all string individually, so I want to use them to swag over the curtains, and as trim on the pillows.

I want to find cheap hot pink marabou to trim the top of the foot stool.

I am going to use the tub for storage, of course. Just to keep thier hair stuff in, or tilted maybe for a book shelf.

I also was given a set of stacked "crate" like shelves in white that I'll put in thier room. They are tall, probably 5 foot tall total. And I got a mirror for a dresser, both things off freecycle.

I want to paint the dressers both white, then take the drawers, and paint geometric shapes on them, different shapes & colors for each drawer, and get them plain wooden knobs that match and paint those white or black. The mirror will be painted white, too, and have some sort of design on it.

Other than all of that, though, I don't know what else I can do cheaply. The paint is going to cost money, obviously. as will brushes.

I also need to buy new curtain rods because the ones here are cheap metal that's been bent out of shape lots.

Oh, and I have a hanging lamp I might put in there. It's white & light pink whicker, but I want to paint it all 1 color, maybe hot pink or black? Then hang the door beads from the lower rim.

Maybe also take fabric to "wrap" the cord, as well.

The basic theme is just bright funky colors & shapes that will appeal to a pre-teen, but also still look "fun" for a 4 year old. I don't want any character stuff, because kids out grow it too fast.

Does anyone have any idea's that I can do cheap? I don't mind making things. I can do that.