Make Easy Bath-Bags - How To More Bath & Shower Solutions
Adapted from The Essential Oils Book by Colleen K. Dodt (Storey Books, 1996).
Once you know how to make these simple little bath-bags, you?ll be able to use herbs, flowers, and kitchen-cupboard ingredients to create dozens of baths - healing, invigorating, or sensual, depending on your mood and what you need. And you?ll never clog your bathtub drain!

Includes a great recipe for soothing itchy dry skin. And bath bags make lovely gifts, too!

Simple Solution:
Any of the following may be used to create a bath bag:

For Everyday Use
old nylons, odd socks, pieces of fabric with raw edges

For Gifts or Special Occasions
hand-sewn bags, muslin tea bags, cotton washcloths, pretty handkerchiefs

Simply place a handful of bath herbs or materials in the center of the fabric, gather up the edges, and fasten with a rubber band, adding ribbon if you intend to give as a gift. If using a sock or nylon, just knot the end.

To use:
Tie the bath bag on the waterspout as the tub is filling, or toss it in like a big tea bag. Scrub yourself with the bag, squeezing it often to release the oils from the herbs.

soothing oat bath bag


1/3 cup rolled oats
2 tablespoons dried lavender or 6 drops lavender essential oil
Mix ingredients and place in bath bag. Rub bath bag all over, allowing the pleasant slipperiness to soothe your skin.

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