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    Default Potato Skewers with Mustard Dip

    Potato Skewers with Mustard Dip

    2 1/2 pounds small new potatoes
    7 ounces shallots, halved
    2 tablespoons olive oil
    1 tablespoon sea salt

    For the Mustard Dip
    4 garlic cloves, crushed
    2 egg yolks
    2 tablespoons lemon juice
    1 1/4 cups extra virgin olive oil
    2 teaspoons whole-grain mustard
    salt and freshly ground pepper

    To make the mustard dip, place the garlic, egg yolks and lemon juice in a blender or food processor and process for a few seconds, until smooth.

    With the motor running, add the oil until the mixture forms a thick cream. Add the mustard and season.

    Parboil the potatoes in salted boiling water for about 5 minutes. Drain well and then thread them onto metal skewers with the shallots.

    Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Cook for 10-12 minutes over a hot grill, turning often, until tender. Serve with mustard dip.

    Both recipes serves 4
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