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Copycat Stove Top Stuffing- Keto Style!

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if you’re new to following a Keto lifestyle, you might be worrying about how to incorporate all of your favorites into the dinner, without kicking yourself out of ketosis. Here’s a very simple copycat Stove Top stuffing – Keto Style!

b101 keto stovetop stuffing

How to Make Copycat Stove top Stuffing – Keto Style!

First and foremost, this recipe calls for 2 cups of dried cubed keto bread. Therefore, this is considered a “dirty” keto recipe. While you can potentially use any keto bread, I’ve found this recipe works the best and offers the closest flavor to traditional yeast bread. However, Aldi keto bread would also work fine.

Simply cut a few slices of bread (stacked up on top of each other) into strips.

b101 bread strips

Then, cut them once again, forming small cubes.

b101 bread cubes

Finally, bake them on low until they’re dried out to achieve dried bread cubes.

b101 dried cubed bread

The bread and seasonings can be stored together in a mason jar until needed. Keep in mind they won’t last like commercially prepared stuffing mixes because they don’t contain a bunch of preservatives.

b101 homemade keto stove top stuffing

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  1. This one worked well for me, I used a zero carb bread and the flavor was good, but the bread brand I used turned a bit gummy. I’ll overtoast the bread next time to really dry it out better.


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