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Easy Keto Cake Donuts

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These easy keto cake donuts taste similar to traditional cake donuts. They’re fried in either avocado or coconut oil and have all the delicious flavor and tender moist crumb of bakery donuts.


Since I’m the only one in the house that follows a keto lifestyle, I’ve actually created 3 versions of this recipe, a full dozen, a half dozen, and tiny batch (of just 3!). I’d hate to have all these delicious donuts hanging around, calling my name.

If you’d like, you can glaze these by mixing 2 tablespoons of powdered sweetener of your choice, 1 tsp of cinnamon, and a couple of drops of almond milk or heavy cream. Dip the lightly warm donuts in the glaze and let them rest 5 minutes before enjoying.

Combine all of the dry ingredients together, use a whisk to ensure they’re lump free and well combined.


In a separate bowl, combine all of the wet ingredients, except the hot water mixing well.


Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients until completely mixed.


Next, with the mixer running, slowly add the boiling hot water, until all of the water is mixed in.


Overturn the dough onto a Silpat or silicone baking mat. This prevents the need for additional fats, oils, or ingredients. The dough is tacky, but not too sticky to form on the mat.


Divide the dough into equal pieces. Flatten the dough, forming the donuts, shaping each of them with your hand.


Then shape the donut dough and donut holes until smooth.


Don’t be too picky with them, they fluff up nicely when they fry.


Fry in hot oil until they’re golden brown, flip and cook in until the donuts are done.


Fry the donut holes as well.

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Keto Cake donut

Donut Frosting & Glaze Ideas

If you prefer your donut to be glazed or frosted, here are several ideas that taste lovely. A nice trick to glazing donuts is to place the donuts on a cooling rack, then set the cooling rack on a baking sheet that has been lined with foil or parchment paper. This ensures easy cleanup! Simply drizzle the glaze over the donuts, allow it to harden completely before enjoying.

Brown Butter Glaze

You’ll Need:
1/3 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup Keto Brown Sugar (Sukrin, Swerve Brown, etc)
1 tsp vanilla extract

Combine the ingredients in a small saucepan over medium heat, bringing the mixture to a slow boil, stirring frequently. Cook until the mixture thickens slightly and turns light brown in color. Remove from heat and cool ten minutes before glazing donuts.

Keto Chocolate Glaze

You’ll Need:
1/3 c. Powdered Keto Sweetener
1 Tbs Cocoa Powder
2 tsp water
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Sift the cocoa powder and sweetener together in a bowl. Add the water and vanilla extract, mixing well. Glaze the donuts.

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