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Copycat McCormick Vegetable Supreme Seasoning

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If you tried and loved McCormick Vegetable Supreme Seasoning Buttery Herbs flavor- you probably already figured out that it’s been discontinued and is no longer available. Don’t fret!

The vegetable supreme buttery herbs is exactly as is sounds- bursting with buttery flavor! As with all copycat recipes, the goal is to perfect the flavor of the original, the plus side is if you save a little money in the process.

There are two secret ingredients to achieving the proper buttery herb flavor ratio that made this seasoning blend so delicious in the first place. The items are Molly McButter, and Jolly Time buttery seasoning, most often used for popcorn.

molly mcbutter jolly time buttery seasoning

Neither the color nor the saltiness of Molly McButter was adequate on its own. The Jolly Time Buttery Seasoning had a bright yellow color but was too salty to be used exclusively. After my mixture sat in the bottle, it did smell much more herbaceous than the original Vegetable Supreme.

If you’re not a super stickler for achieving the exact flavor, you can use all Butter Buds instead of the two different butter seasoning blends.

The combination of the two is what matches the flavor of the original so exquisitely. Like the original, this seasoning is delicious on vegetables of all kinds, steamed, grilled, or in salads. Prepare for your tastebuds to be in awe…

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copycat mccormick vegetable supreme seasoning

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4 thoughts on “Copycat McCormick Vegetable Supreme Seasoning”

  1. The seasoning can be used with almost any type of vegetable and brings out an excellent natural flavor in any dish. Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued and finding a new homemade recipe that can come close to providing similar taste or quality has been difficult.

    I am beyond excited to give this one a try and see how the flavor is, I have missed the original!!

  2. The first time I ever ate McCormick Vegetable Supreme Seasoning mix was when my grandma used it to make rice. It was so good! She steamed the rice, added a few tablespoons of butter and 2-3 tablespoons of the seasoning. Then she stirred in some steamed broccoli, peas, and carrots. I think it was one of those cheap vegetable medley steamer bags.

    We had it as a side dish with grilled chicken. So happy I can finally recreate her dish!

  3. I tried this seasoning at a friend’s house years ago and it was delicious. All the vegetables were mixed together, but they still had their own individual flavor.

    This recipe tastes exactly like the McCormick brand of Vegetable Supreme Seasoning! I know my friend is going to be amazed when she finds out that she can make this seasoning herself!

  4. I found an expired jar of McCormick Vetetable Supreme in my pantry. The fourth ingredient listed on the jar is sugar. Also, the seeds in the expired mix are definitely toasted. I think these additions to the recipe would make it spot on!


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