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Crazy Cake Mix

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Crazy Cake Mix is a fun chocolate cake made with some strange ingredients. This Easybake oven recipe is for intermediate cooks.

4 1/2 t flour
3 t sugar
1/4 t cocoa
1 dash salt
1/8 t baking soda
1 1/2 t salad oil
1/8 t vanilla
1/8 t vinegar
1 T water

Pour water over all ingredients and mix well with fork,
but do not beat. Bake in oven about 10 minutes.

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5 thoughts on “Crazy Cake Mix”

    • What is salad oil?

      The term salad oil was commonly used in cookbooks years ago. It refers to lighter oils frequently used in salad dressing, especially olive oil or a vegetable oil, as from sesame, corn, or safflower.

  1. This recipe
    Reminds me of the “Easy Chocolate Cake” recipe that I used to bake all the time when I was a baker in the navy.


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