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Almost A&W Root Beer

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Almost A&W Root Beer! There are several really easy ways to make homemade root beer at home, but this one is really quick and the concentrated mixture can be stored in the fridge until you’re ready for a frosty mug full of homemade (almost!) A&W Root Beer!

Almost A&W Root Beer

The best part of having fresh rootbeer on hand is being able to throw together delicious root beer floats. When my other half and I first got together (more than twenty years ago!), we used to pick up a few bottles of rootbeer on our way to camp. We were really broke back then and it was nice to have a bubbly treat to enjoy, but these days, when we’re getting ready to go camping or throwing a party, we just make a batch of our own to enjoy.

Almost A&W Root Beer

You’ll Need:
3/4 c. sugar
3/4 c. hot water
1/2 tsp. plus 1/8 tsp. root beer concentrate.
1-liter cold seltzer water

Dissolve the sugar completely in hot water, until no sugar crystals remain, add the root beer extract to create a root beer syrup. Cool completely. Pour the mixture into 1 liter of ice cold seltzer water.

Serve over ice. Drink immediately or store in fridge (Tightly Covered)

Almost A&W Root Beer

Huge Batch Homemade Rootbeer

This one is wonderful for parties, gatherings, potlucks, family reunions, etc. Just be cautious of the dry ice, only adults should be ladling this into cups to ensure no dry ice is accidentally ingested!!

You’ll Need:
6 c. sugar
1 (2oz) bottle of Root Beer Extract
3 1/3 gallons cold water
4 pounds dry ice

In a large cooler, mix together the sugar and water, stirring to dissolve sugar completely. Stir in the root beer extract. Carefully place the dry ice into the cooler, and cover loosely with the lid. Do not secure the lid, as pressure may build up.

Let the mixture brew for about an hour before serving. Leftover root beer can be stored in one-gallon milk jugs.

Root Beer Floats

To make a root beer float simply fill a frosty mug about two-thirds of the way full then add a scoop (or two) of vanilla ice cream.  If you’d like you can finish topping it off with a touch more root beer.

Copycat A&W Rootbeer

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2 thoughts on “Almost A&W Root Beer”

  1. Here’s how I make my Copycat A&W Rootbeer at home.

    Homemade A&W Rootbeer

    1 1/3 c. sugar
    1 c. hot water
    1 c. corn syrup
    1 tsp McCormick Rootbeer Extract
    10 Cups Soda Water (cold, of course)

    Using a small pitcher, dissolve the sugar in hot water.
    Then add the corn syrup and root beer concentrate and stir well. Pour syrup into a container and refrigerate until cold.
    Place 1/4 cup cold syrup in 1 cup cold soda water. Add ice, stir gently, and serve.
    Each serving is 10-ounces and it serves 10 people


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