Tami’s Special Burn Your Lips Off Guacamole

Tami’s special burn your lips off guacamole is a simple tried and true guacamole recipe with KICK that takes just a couple minutes in the blender to prepare and is a requested favorite for sporting events and tailgating parties!


(Recipe shared by Budget101 member: Tami Bartlett)

You’ll Need:
2 avocados- peeled, seeded, and chopped
2 glops mayo
1 Tablespoon of chopped onion
splash of lemon juice
as much Fresh garlic as you can stand 🙂

Combine all of the ingredients and whiz it up in the blender.  Use a rubber spatula to CAREFULLY encourage “turnover” in the blender.

When it’s the consistency of mayo, remove the glass, unscrew the bottom over a bowl, and use your spatula to scrape remains into a bowl. this way saves guac— keeps it from sticking to the sides all the way up to the top.

I use the guacamole left on the blade for “sampling”- using a white corn tortilla chip, NO FINGERS.

When storing guacamole, put saran wrap on it and make sure there’s NO AIR- have the wrap touching the surface of the guacamole on the whole top. This keeps it from going brown and getting a film on it.

(Thank You Tami!!!)

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