Side Dish mixes

side dish mixes
Side Dish mixes

Purchasing those “convenient” individual side dish mixes at your local grocery store can take a large chunk out of your monthly grocery budget. Here is a selection of do it yourself side dish mix recipes that you can throw together and keep on hand. They also make lovely additions to gift baskets, care packages and meal baskets.

  • Alfredo Noodles Mix
  • All purpose Ground Beef Mix
  • Apple Almond Rice Mix
  • Beef Gravy Mix
  • Beef Noodle Dinner Mix
  • Beer Batter Mix
  • boston Baked Beans Mix
  • Chicken Gravy Mix
  • Chicken Rice Bake in a Jar
  • Chicken-Flavored Rice Mix
  • Chicken/Pork Coating Mix
  • CornDog Mix
  • Creamy Herb Rice Mix
  • Creamy Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup Mix
  • Curried Rice Mix
  • Dill Lemon Rice mix
  • Hamburger Help: original
  • Instant Refried Beans Mix
  • Instant Stuffing Mix
  • Italian Herb & Dried Tomato Risotto Mix
  • KFC Gravy Mix
  • Lemon Dill Rice Mix
  • Parmesan Macaroni Mix
  • Parmesean Herb Biscuit Mix
  • Pizza Dough Mix
  • Seasoned CousCous
  • Seasoned Noodle Mix
  • Shake-n-Bake: Italian Style
  • Shake-n-Bake: Pork
  • Shrimp Shake-n-Bake
  • Stove-Top Stuffing- Clone
  • Uncle Ben’s®-Style Seasoned Long Grain & Wild Rice Mix (clone)
  • Veggie Burgers
  • Veggie Rice Soup in a Mug
  • Yellow Rice Mix


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