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Make your own dehydrated foods

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Take advantage of sales or in-season fruits, vegetables, and meats to create delicious stores of healthy, inexpensive foods.

Make your own dehydrated foods

Basics- Learn the basics of how to start preserving your favorite fruits, veggies, and meats




Dry your own herbs for use in your favorite recipes and crafts




Jerky Marinade Recipes:

Create inexpensive homemade jerky with beef, venison, game meats, chicken, turkey, and more

While you can use your oven or choose from other drying methods, we highly recommend Nesco Food Dehydrators

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1 thought on “Make your own dehydrated foods”

  1. Dehydrating fruits and vegetables are great because they last longer than canned goods and don’t require refrigeration. With a little bit of planning ahead of time, you’ll be able to enjoy healthy snacks that will keep for months without spoiling! Plus there’s no added sugar or preservatives like there would be in processed snacks from the store. Who doesn’t want that?


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