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Goulash aka American Chop Suey

Goulash aka American chop suey is by far, one of the most inexpensive, filling, tasty meals that the whole family enjoys. It’s comfort food if you will, and while it’s delicious the first day, like most pasta recipes, it’s even better as leftovers!

I was reading through some older posts in the dinners under $2.50 section of the forums and when I created that forum, I didn’t mean that the dinners were under $2.50 per Serving, I meant that the entire meal (for the entire family!) was under $2.50! It’s fairly easy to make a decent dinner for $10 ($2.50 per Serving), but sometimes it’s a little more difficult to keep the meals dirt cheap.


When I first shared this recipe on our site, it was less than two dollars to prepare for the entire family. This entire meal is still under five dollars, without even trying. It could obviously be made more frugally by using home-canned tomatoes, homemade pasta, and ground venison.


Goulash aka Chop Suey

piggy bank Budget101 Chop Suey Price Breakdown

The prices listed were taken directly off Walmart’s website and are current as of February 29, 2020.
Elbow Macaroni (1 Box ) $0.78
Diced Tomatoes (1 Can ) $0.46 (generic is fine)
Ground Turkey- 1 lb Italian $2.58 (Walmart frozen section)
minced garlic (2 tsp )$0.09
onion (one-half) $0.32
$4.23 serves 4-6 people (plus leftovers)

Budget101 Budget Breakdown of Goulash Recipe

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