Recipes » Buttered Saltine Crackers- the NEW trend

Buttered Saltine Crackers- the NEW trend

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Apparently, Buttered Saltine Crackers are the Hot New Viral Snack trend that’s taking over the internet….
buttered saltine crackers

I’m always a bit floored when I see whatever the “NEW” trend is on the internet. I wonder who starts these things thinking that they invented them.. imagine buttering saltines . . . thinking that’s a new thing.

Wait until they discover JELLY or JAM on saltines, they might break the internet! My favorite afterschool snack as a kid was grape jelly on saltines, (no butter).,

grape jelly on saltines

However, If you want to take your Buttered Saltines to the next level, try this awesome Saltine Firecracker Recipe.

firecracker saltines in bag

How to Make Buttered Saltine Firecrackers

Put a couple of sleeves of saltines into a gallon bag.

saltines in bag

Prepare the buttered firecracker juice by mixing melted butter and all the seasoning together.

buttered saltine firecracker juice

Pour the firecracker juice over the crackers, seal the bag and shake like hell to coat.

buttered saltine firecrackers

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Can you eat more than 6 Saltine Crackers per minute

Eating six saltines may appear easy to a fan of crackers. … In this challenge, the person must completely chew and swallow six salted saltine crackers without help from liquids or lubricants in one minute. Due to the salty dryness of the crackers, the task becomes almost impossible. Many have tried, few have succeeded in the Saltine Cracker Challenge.

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  1. To be honest, I’d never heard of buttered saltine crackers. I mentioned it to my grandma and she stared at me like I was out of my mind. Apparently this was a normal snack when she was my age. Whoudda Thunk it?


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