Cream of Asparagus Soup

b101 cream of asparagus
Cream of Asparagus Soup

Cream of asparagus soup is a dish that is often served in fine restaurants, but it’s not commonly made at home. It is prepared with fresh asparagus, chicken stock, and heavy cream. Incredibly rich, this decadent soup can be served hot or cold.

Like most recipes, to achieve the best flavor, be sure to use quality ingredients. In this case, you’ll need a couple of pounds of fresh asparagus stalks.

A good way to tell if the asparagus is good is to lightly squeeze the tip. If it’s mushy, the asparagus has started to break down and isn’t the best quality. Fresh stalks are vibrant green in color, should be firm, straight and relatively smooth. If the stalks limp, dull in color or wrinkled in appearance, discard it in the compost pile.


This delicious cream of asparagus soup is keto-friendly, loaded with flavor and freezes well. Serve it with crusty toasted bread with a touch of garlic butter. If you’re following a keto lifestyle, we recommend this keto bread!


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