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Watermelon Jelly or Jam

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This delectable Watermelon Jam (or Jelly!) makes a very colorful and tasty gift. It goes great on butter crackers, toasted biscuits, toast, English muffins and more.watermelon-jelly-or-jam
The trick to making watermelon Jelly is to strain the pulp out of the puree. You’ll still need 6 cups of clear juice though! If you prefer watermelon Jam, do not strain the pureed watermelon.

You’ll Need:
6 C. pureed Watermelon
5 C. white sugar
1/2 C bottled or fresh lemon juice
1 pkg Pectin

Cut up the watermelon (use seedless & make sure there aren’t ANY seeds at all!) Puree it in a blender to get 6 cups of Puree.

In a big pot on the stove combine puree, sugar and lemon juice. Bring the mixture to a boil.

Once the temperature gets to 220 degrees you can add the pectin. Boil for another five minutes.

Remove from heat and pour into clean, sterile jars and then you can use a water bath to seal.

I just made sure they cooled and put them in the fridge. I had various sizes but there were roughly 9- 8oz. jars.

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