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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Jello Shooters

If you enjoy doing shots and you like chocolate-covered strawberries you will LOVE these chocolate covered strawberry jello shooters!

Strawberries can be hard to come by at certain times of the year, so while we prefer to use fresh strawberries for our shots, here’s a very tasty alternative that’s a bit more budget-friendly.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Jello Shooters

How to Make Chocolate Covered Strawberry Jello Shooters

Before we begin, allow me to explain the point of the shortening in the recipe- you CAN omit this if you prefer, however, it really helps the chocolate maintain its shape in warmer weather and chocolate has a tendency to “seize” when it comes into contact with moisture.

Since you’ll be filling these with a liquid filling, using the shortening will prevent the chocolate from clumping or taking on a dull, matte finish. I don’t recommend using coconut oil for two reasons, One- you’ll taste it in the final product and two, it has a very low melting point, so the shots don’t hold up.


In a medium-size microwave-safe bowl combine chocolate chips and solid shortening and microwave for 45 seconds, remove, stir, return to microwave for 30 seconds, remove stir. Repeat at 25-30 second intervals just until the chocolate is melted. DO NOT Overheat the chocolate.


Using a spoon or popsicle stick, spread the chocolate in plastic cups (or bowls) or candy molds. You need to create a thin layer to make a “cup”. Place these on a cookie sheet or tray and refrigerate while you prepare the jello shot mixture.


In a medium bowl dissolve the jello in boiling water. Since I wanted these to be ready in less than 2 hours, I’m using 1/2 cup of hot water, as soon as the gelatin dissolves, add in half a cup of cold water. Then stir in 1 cup vodka.

Let the mixture cool for a few minutes or your chocolate shells will melt when you fill them. Once the mixture has sufficiently cooled, fill the chilled chocolate cups that you’ve created with the jello mixture. 


Return to the fridge until solid, about two hours. Once they’ve sufficiently chilled and solidified, gently pop the shot out of the mold or plastic cup to remove.



Here’s how the finished chocolate covered strawberry jello shot shooter looks like inside once you take a delectable bite!  Make them with strawberry, cherry, raspberry or any other flavor you’d like, they’re amazing!


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