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Candied Bacon Maple Walnut Fudge

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Maple fudge has always been a favored decadent treat during the holidays, but pair that with generous pieces of chopped Maple Candied Bacon and you have got a tray of disappearing deliciousness!

Fudge can be a bit finicky to make, but there are a few simple tips that will ensure your fudge comes out perfectly smooth, rather than gritty or grainy. The key step is pre-measuring all the ingredients and having them ready nearby.

You absolutely cannot stop mid-recipe to take the time to measure, so have everything ready by pre-measuring before you begin.

Candied Bacon Maple Walnut Fudge

You’ll Need:
3 c. sugar
3/4 c. Oleo Do NOT use “heart smart” blends ( Oleo= Margarine or Butter)
2/3 c. Evaporated Milk
2 tsp Maple Extract
1 (7oz) Jar Marshmallow CREME (not Fluff!)
1 (12oz) pkg Nestles White Chocolate Chips
3/4 c. coarsely chopped walnuts
3/4 c. coarsely chopped Maple Candied Bacon

1 – 9″x9″ foil pan, lightly Buttered. (slip a sandwich baggie over your hand, dip in some soft butter and wipe the pan with it). Seriously, that’s it. Or, if you prefer individual gift-giving sections of fudge, you can use this holiday silicone pan, which also holds 3 lbs perfectly.

In a medium saucepan combine margarine, evaporated milk and sugar over medium heat. I generally use (5) on my gas stove, stirring constantly.


Bring it to a rolling boil and boil it for EXACTLY 5 minutes, stirring constantly (A rolling boil is a boil that doesn’t go away when you’re stirring!) For those of you that prefer a temperature, it should be 234F.


Immediately remove from the heat and add the white chocolate chips, the entire jar of marshmallow cream, stirring constantly until smooth and fully incorporated, add the maple extract, nuts & Candied Bacon pieces, stir quickly to incorporate, the mixture will be thick and starting to harden!


Pour into a 9’x9″ buttered foil pan or prepared silicone mold.

Set on a cooling rack and leave it alone until cool (at least 2 hours).

This makes 3 pounds of tastebud tantalizing Candied Bacon Maple Walnut Fudge.

Tips you might not know:

NEVER Cook fudge when it’s raining outside, the humidity will ruin it.

Gritty fudge is caused by the recrystallization of the sugar. You can prevent this problem by ensuring the sugar is CANE Sugar (rather than beet sugar, which is what most store brands are), be sure the package actually states CANE sugar on it and be sure the fudge is cooked for the proper length of time.

Fudge stays smooth & creamy if you don’t cut it until you’re ready to serve it. If giving it for gifts, consider leaving it in larger squares and letting the recipient cut it up.

Simple storage- a 9×9 foil pan slides Perfectly into a 1-gallon ziploc bag.

Fudge freezes well, simply wrap it tightly in saran wrap, then freezer paper or vacuum seal it for up to 3 months in the freezer.

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