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Stuffed Mushrooms

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Stuffed Mushrooms can be an elegant addition to your dinner party for guests, or simply something to snack on while the meat cooks on the barbeque. Either way, they are super simple to make and have many variations. . . .

The only limit to what you can do with these is in your mind.
Measurements can certainly be adjusted. I don’t actually measure when I make these. It all depends on how many mushrooms you are serving I do it all by look and feel. I mean, how can you go wrong?

You are stuffing a mushroom, it’s going to taste fantastic any way you do it!

For the basic Stuffed Mushroom

You’ll need
6 Regular white mushrooms
1 Tbsp. Melted butter (not much)
2 cloves minced Garlic
3 Tbsp. Crumbled Blue cheese
½ Seasoned breadcrumbs

Clean each mushroom with a dampened paper towel. Cut the very edge off the stem so you have a clean end. Gently remove the whole stem by pulling and using a rocking motion. Repeat until all mushrooms are done.

Mince up the stems and add to a small bowl. Add the crushed garlic, blue cheese, and a handful of breadcrumbs. Add melted butter, you really only need a tablespoon or two. Mix with a fork or your fingers. You want the mixture to stick together when pressed but still loose in the bowl. Adjust the breadcrumbs or butter if necessary.

With the mushroom in one hand, scoop up some of the filling mixture with the other.

Fill the mushroom cap and gently press so the filling covers the top of the mushroom. Repeat with all mushrooms. It’s easy enough to even out the toppings once you get going. You don’t want any leftover stuffing mix or empty mushrooms, use it all.


Bake in the oven for about 10 minutes at 350 or place on the barbecue and cook until mushrooms are soft and topping is browned. Serve hot.

Stuffing Variations:

  • A dollop of marinara sauce underneath the breading mixture (use mozzarella cheese)
  • Bacon and cheddar cheese
  • Fresh herbs mixed in
  • Chopped cooked spinach and feta cheese with the breadcrumbs
  • Crab & Swiss Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

This is also something you could turn into a tasty lunch. Keep it vegetarian, either leave the recipe as is or add minced peppers, maybe change up the cheese. I find that the tang of the blue cheese goes really nicely with the mushroom but I’ve also done it with other cheeses. It’s more of a personal taste, and what’s on hand in the house. Try it out and experiment, stuffed mushrooms are simple to make and the taste is out of this world.

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