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Grilled Asparagus

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With spring here and summer just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about recipes for the barbeque. In our house, we use the grill year-round. Some things just taste better when cooked outdoors on the grill. It’s also true that some things take on completely different tastes with different cooking methods. Anyone with a picky eater in the house knows that. When cooked a certain way even the pickiest of eaters have been known to actually change their minds about a different food. Vegetables are certainly one of those things in our house. Grilled asparagus is one of those vegetables that my kids will absolutely not eat if it is steamed or boiled, they will sometimes eat it if it is cooked in a skillet but even that way it is hit or miss every time. We discovered that if we grill the asparagus there is almost not enough to go around at the dinner table, even the picky eaters get greedy and start counting spears.

You’ll need
Fresh asparagus, ends trimmed
Olive oil
Worcestershire sauce

Start by gently bending the asparagus stalk to see where to trim them. It will snap at just the right spot.


Place trimmed asparagus in a shallow wish so they all touch the bottom of the dish.

Drizzle with a couple of table spoons of olive oil, followed by a couple of tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce. Fingers work best to roll the asparagus around in the dish but if you don’t like getting messy by all means use tongs or a fork.

Marinate the asparagus for at least minutes. Place asparagus on hot grill. It will only take about- minutes to cook. Turn, or roll asparagus after 2 minutes to cook evenly. Serve while hot.


If there are any leftovers (which there will not be unless you plan for them), cooked asparagus is great cold when added to salads and pastas.

Substitutions: Soy sauce can be swapped out for the worcestershire sauce and is quite tasty.

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