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Potato Bacon bombs

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Calling all Bacon Lovers! Here’s a recipe that’s sure to be a hit during your next party. Perfect for serving during the next big game. Little bundles of baked bacon surrounding golden buttery potatoes. My mouth is watering already. These can be made up ahead of time to be tossed in the oven when the time is right.

You’ll need:
1 lb bacon- No need for the expensive thick cut, the cheap stuff works great for this
1 bag of Yukon gold potatoes (the cute little yellowish ones) small red potatoes will work as well


That’s it!!

Wash and place the potatoes in a pot of water. Get it up to a boil and cook until the potatoes are tender but not mush. Approximately 10-15 min. Drain the potatoes and set them on a kitchen towel to cool until you can handle them.

When they are cool enough to handle, use the back of a spoon to lightly flatten each potato. No worries if they break a little bit, that’s where the bacon comes in. Use one piece of bacon for each potato. Wrap up those little bundles and place each one on a cookie sheet with the end piece of the bacon down.

If you have some extra potatoes, you can smash and just top them with seasonings and cheese and bake them along with bacon bundles or You can save them in the fridge for another use.

Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes or until the bacon is cooked to a nice golden brown. Transfer to a platter and serve. They’ll be gone in a minute!!

A few variations:

  • Before wrapping each potato, you could sprinkle them with Garlic Salt or Italian seasoning and a shredded Parmesan or Romano cheese.

  • Just before they are done baking, lightly brush each one with either honey or barbeque sauce and return to the oven to finish.

  • Diced onions and fresh minced garlic added to the top of the potatoes before wrapping in bacon would give these that fancy kick suitable for a cocktail party.

  • After mashing them down, cover them with pickled jalapeno slices, a sprinkle of monterey jack cheese and THEN wrap in bacon for Jalapeno Potato Bacon Poppers!

  • Pair them with eggs and you have yourself a fancy breakfast. These would be a great addition to a holiday brunch.
Potato Bacon Bombs are sure to be a hit in your house and the recipe is easily adaptable for any occasion.

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10 thoughts on “Potato Bacon bombs”

  1. i have made these and brushed them with sweet baby ray’s bbq sauce before baking…..fell in love immediately! they are even better as leftovers and reheated in the microwave. the outside gets crunchy and sooo good!

    thanks for the recipe. 🙂


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