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Thousand island dressing mix

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Make your own thousand island dressing mix to have on hand in the pantry to mix up some dressing when you actually need it.

Thousand Island Salad Dressing Mix Seasoning:
1/2 cup dried parsley flakes
1/4 cup finely crushed saltine crackers (about 7)
1/4 cup dried minced onion
1/4 cup garlic salt
1/4 cup onion salt
2 Tbsp. garlic powder
2 Tbsp. onion powder
1 Tbsp. dill weed

Measure all into a ziploc bag, seal & shake to combine. Transfer to a jar or divide into small baggies with 1 Tbs of mix per baggie. Attach the following directions to prepare homemade thousand island dressing:

To Use:
Mix the following:
1 tablespoon of Thousand Island Salad Dressing Mix
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup buttermilk
1/2 cup chili sauce
1/4 cup pickle relish, well drained

Blend well, refrigerate for at least an hour for the flavors to marry, then serve as you would any dressing mix. This mix keeps for about 2 weeks in the fridge.
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3 thoughts on “Thousand island dressing mix”

  1. This is a great page with a recipe for Thousand Island Dressing, I don’t know why I never thought of making my own before. I was looking for a sauce that would go well with my burgers and toasted buns, and this is it! I’m enjoying it greatly.

    Thousand Island Dressing, I have heard, is the sauce on a Big Mac® sandwich. Did you know that? Well, whatever! This recipe is really great with burgers, on toasted buns with hamburger patties and whatever else you want on your burger. Remember not everything goes together so choose items wisely.

  2. Here is my homemade recipe is for a Thousand Island Dressing. The ingredients are 1 cup mayonnaise, ¼ cup ketchup, 2 tablespoons sweet pickle relish, and 3/4 teaspoon onion powder or garlic salt. It can be used in any salad dressing that calls for thousand island dressing mix.


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