Quick Salad Spruce Up . . .

quick salad spruce up
Quick Salad Spruce Up . . .

Spruce up your boring salad with a few radish mushrooms! These cute additions add vibrant color and taste to the salad and will quickly garner attention to an otherwise ignored side dish on the dinner table . . .

You’ll Need:

a Bunch of Fresh Radishes
a Knife
a vegetable peeler


Wash the radishes and remove them from the stems. Score each radish in a tic-tac-toe pattern on the stem side cutting to the center of the radish with each cut, but no further like this:


Then carefully cut around the center of the radish cutting the outside sections off, leaving the middle section as a stem for the “mushroom”

Use the tip of the vegetable peeler to carefully peel away tiny circles over the “cap” of each mushroom.


How do you like to spruce up your salads to keep them interesting and tasty?

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  1. my salads usually are mixed lettuce. the things i’ll throw in vary, depending on what i happen to have on hand.

    feta, romano, or parmagian cheese
    dried cranberries
    dried cherries
    orange slices
    nuts (pecans or walnuts are favorites)
    whole baby carrots
    green onion
    canned beets
    always home made dressing!

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