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Easy Lemon Curd

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Lemon curd is a wonderfully thick, yet soft and creamy, easily spreadable sweet-tart cream that is perfect on quick bread, muffins, cakes and more. Our luscious easy Lemon Curd recipe takes less than 10 minutes to whip together from start to finish.


Traditional lemon curd recipes are prepared on the stove and often contain unnecessary thickeners such as cornstarch or guar gum. Our recipe uses fresh eggs as the thickener.

B101 Lemon Curd Recipe

We prefer the reusable ice cream tub as it’s easily stackable, prevents freezer burn and is dishwasher safe. For an even more delectable treat, place a scoop of easy lemon curd ice cream between a couple of gingerbread cookies!

Additional Delicious Lemon Recipes

If you love lemons, you’ll adore this easy Lemon bar recipe too!


What’s your favorite dessert using lemon curd?

Easy Lemon Curd

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      Adjust your browser to normal size screen resolution, such as 800×600 or higher. 🙂

      Does this need to be stored in the refrigerator?

      Fridge. Good rule of thumb to follow, Anything with eggs that has not been Canned in a Hot water bath or Pressure canner should NEVER be stored in a pantry. 🙂


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